The Martrade Group operates, together with strategically placed partners 3 major terminals around the world:

Novolog, Odessa Terminal

  • Total handling tonnage: 3 million. Mts per anno
  • 470 employees
  • Continuous increase in volume over the last 10 years (> 95% export)
  • Services include port management, warehousing and an ice free port
  • Storage capacities of 7.000 sqm warehouse, 90.000 sqm open storage and 10.000 sqm container yard

Haldia Terminal

  • Total tonnage handled at Paradip and Haldia: 8 mill. Mts per anno
  • Pan India Presence through 18 TMILL offices in cities such as Paradip, Haldia, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai
  • Services: maritime shipping, ship agency, customs clearance and freight forwarding
  • Exclusive Logistics contract for all raw materials and semi / finished products for TATA Steel group

Khor Al Zhubair – Berth no. 8 and 9

The Martrade Group is operating a modern multipurpose terminal.

  • Draft: abt 8,5 m low (dredging is scheduled to 10,5m medium term and 12,5m long term)
  • Total Area of 200,000 sqm (500m quay length)
  • Priority berthing within 24 hours
  • Multipurpose terminal (project cargo , steel, general BB cargo and containers)
  • Modern handling equipment in the terminal
  • 4 warehouses of 6500 sqm each + 200,000 sqm stacking yard
  • Fenced area to secure safe storage of cargo

martrade port overview

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